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Thursday, December 30, 2010

A sad... sad.... day

As I'm writing this blog my heart is still full with anger and frustration.Somebody stole my laptop from the office today.This stupid lady came to the kindie with a teenage girl and a 3 yrs old girl pretending to register the anak for next year.As we  always welcome  parents especially this time of the year for registration, I taught that she is 1 of those parents.Its a long story if I want to write it here.To cut it short with all the drama that she did in my office today she managed to took only the laptop.Thank God.But I have lost all the info and all my school work,with only 3 more days to go before the school start.So just imagine my frustration.
While I was at the police station making a report another kindergarten operator came to make a report abt the same story.Oh my God...... She is a pro.How I wish the police will be able to catch this idiot..But I know the truth is my wish will only be a wish.
So I won't be able to update my blog this few days as now I"m using my hubby 's computer.I need to spent the next 3 days to get all the documents ready before the school opens.What a headache.!!!!!
So the moral of the story is always be alert and never to trust anybody.....
Wishing you an early Happy New Year in case I'm not able to blog for the next few days.

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