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Friday, March 18, 2011

My Little Laling Little Pleasure

There are no other places that can make my little laling happier..Book shop! This is our second visit for this week.She loves books......Our house are full of books.....We are more than happy to take you to a book shop anytime any where as you are our little blessing from God Al mighty. At the age of 6, she is now able to read  many  books and starting to read the sub-title on TV.We are very proud of you little laling.(I gave birth to Hana 17 years after I had my 2nd princess) Never did I and my laling imagine after 17 years we will be blessed with a baby again . Anyway here she is .......making our life full with dramas every day and every night!
Hana Helena Harith Thean (6 yrs old)


  1. Me too, blessed with little Liana after 16 years. She is such a smart girl too. At 1 yr+ she loves books and bought her many already. All my elder 3 sons started reading & writing at age of 4. Something did not happened without encouragement from parents. I took my kids to library frequently at free time too.

  2. Cannot imagine kan along.After 16 yrs satu kpg riuh kita nak dapat baby lagi.But at this age to run after her(I have another 60+ anak-anak at the kindy)is really something.My other 2 girls already finishing their degree.hi..hi..hi sometime people ask cucu ke??????????sabor aja la


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