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Sunday, May 8, 2011

I'm A Mother Yesterday,Today,Tomorrow And Forever

Salam semua.Today early in the morning I can hear my little laling is calling the farther to wake-up and told him that she need to go down to the kitchen and prepare  breakfast for me because today is Mother's Day.What a nice thing to hear from a 6 yrs old girl .I hope all the mothers of my pupils will feel the same way today because that is what I told them to do for their mothers today ( to serve their mother with bread, butter and jam, and ask daddy to help them with coffee or tea).
So in my little laling case I have to pretend to be surprised to make her excited and happy (sometime it's not fun to be a principal's daughter).She did served me with bread, butter and jam.I help her to make  coffee the way I liked it.

 Last night she slept wearing my baju kurung kedah and still in it when she made the breakfast early in the morning today.She actually got her asthma attack yesterday night and going to see her doctor for the third time after this. She forgot all abt it because she was busy thinking abt making a Mother's Day breakfast for me. Love you little laling.

I also received this gift from my elder daughter (I always wanted to learn to make macaroon) so the gift is just perfect ,kelas untuk bulan May and June fully booked so kena la tunggu bulan July .Thank you girls.I love you all very-very much.
*My 2nd girl is really very busy studying for her final exam and not in the mood to join in the fun!

An exciting Groupon gift from Viviana Harith Thean

In this gift...

Thumb 3-hour Hands-on Macaroon Baking Workshop by professional pastry chef, worth RM220 Expires: Aug 13, 2011
Dear Roslina Binti Ibrahim,
Viviana Harith Thean has given you a Groupon Voucher as a gift!
Message from Viviana Harith Thean:
Mother's Day Gift for you. Tapi sabar la ye 2 July baru blh 
 pegi. hehe.. -Love Vivi- 

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