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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Balik kampung.

Hai I am back.Salam semua.Wah dah beberapa hari tak bersiaran dan malas sungguh nak mula balik rupanya bila dah take a break.
Actually I went back to visit and attend to my sick mother in my kampung.Just flew back ( am I soud like a bird? ..hi..hi..hi..) with little laling because my two Princess are not free to follow. So my laling stayed home to teman the 2 girls. I wished I can stay longer to look after my mom but when you have your own family you also have other responsibilities (sorry che sebab tak boleh duduk lama-lama untuk jaga che).
            (  She need a dark glasses to protect her eyes. Insyaalah she will be better soon) 

Anyway the few days that I spend at  my mom's place is filled with makan-makan and makan.Nasi kerabu,nasi berlauk,nasi dagang.laksam,lakse dan all the kueh-mueh....endless la.Kalau boleh memang tak nak brenti makan.But at the same time I also made an effort to cooked for them (my big bro and his family also went back ).
I managed to made sardine ring,roti pocket,coffee bread pudding and sticky chicken.Its nice to see they enjoyed the food.My mom love the chicken and the pudding.
Will stop for know , wanna go and cook something for all the tukang makan here. See you guys later..

Nasi berlauk,nasi dagang,nasi kerabu,pulut  pagi(dlm bungkusan) plus sardin ring and roti pocket-semua pun we all makan sampai habis!!!!!This is only for our breakfast.we eat again for lunch,teatime ,dinner and supper..and the next day and the next day.......and the next day.....

Budak yang happy but restless in the plane....
My mom 1st cicit..and my big brother 1st grandson.So i pun dah dapat pangkat nenek la ya!!!!! he's the apples in our family now..

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