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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Shanghai Mooncake

Salam Sabtu.Shanghai mooncake ni adalah project tertangguh dari sini. Walau pun mooncake festival sudah berakhir namun niat nak buat shanghai mooncake ni asyik tertangguh disebabkan kesibukan. Malam tadi akibat tak dapt tidur maka kita buat project ni pukul 12 malam dan berakhir lebih kurang pukul 2 pagi.
Memang tak rugi membuatnya sebab my laling betul-betul enjoyed eating this for breakfast this morning.Thank you sonia for this resepi.Kak Ros copy and paste. Resepi ni dibuat separuh dari adunan asal dengan inti mungbean dan tampa salted egg yolk.Tetap sedap.

250g butter (salted)
150g icing sugar
1 egg (large)
380g plain flour
60g custard powder

~ 700g red bean paste or any of your preferred filling
16pcs salted egg yolks, brush with rice wine, steamed for 5mins (I use homemade salted eggs)

* P.Rose used salted mungbean

Black and White sesame seeds
Egg wash-1 egg yolk+1tbsp water+1tbsp milk

1. Weight red bean paste for 40g each and wrap with 1pc salted egg yolk and shape it to ball, set aside.
2. Sift plain flour and custard powder, set aside.
3. Beat butter and icing sugar till creamy (do not over beat, 2-3mins just nice).
4. Add in egg, beat well to combine. Add in sifted flour and custard powder, lightly to combine to form a soft dough.
5. Cover with cling wrap and chill in the fridge for 30mins.
6. Weight dough for 50g each and shape to ball.
7. Flatten dough with your palm and wrap up the red bean paste filling into it and shaping it like an egg shape then place on baking tray (you may dust hands with Kor Hun (cooked glutinous rice flour).
8. Lightly brush the whole mooncake with egg wash and decorate top with black and white sesame seeds.
9. Bake at pre-heated oven at 180C for 20mins.
10. Leave to cool and store in mooncake box.

                                                          happy cooking


  1. Fantastic... never seen before how to made mooncake. Kakak always bought from season bakery.

    1. Salam KakZakie..Biasanya kita pun beli yang dah siap sebab sekarang dah banyak yang jual mooncake halal.Kalau dulu susah nak dapat.
      Tahun ni tunaikan permintaan suami yang suruh cuba buat sendiri.

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Adda, memang sedap, ada lebih kurang rasa egg tart.Tapi mooncake biasanya agak manis.

  3. Easy and yummy mooncakes right? hehehe..Thanks for your shout out..You have done it so well!

    1. Hi Sonia,'s actually quite easy.I'm glad that I made an effort to try this.

  4. Hebat la rose boleh buat moon cake...akak ambik resipi ya..nak try

    1. Kak Paty saja nak tunjukkan kehebatan pada si suami.Dia suruh dan kita sahut cabarannya.But I think snow skin mooncake is still the best.

  5. Assallamualaikum kak Ros..

    Kak..rajinnya buat mooncake.. Tak pernah cuba pun samada makan atau buat..hehehe.. Sbb Naz ingat moon cake ni mcm manis sgt.. Tapi tak pernah rasapun..

    1. Nadz betul tu.Mooncake memang manis.Kalau dulu susah nak dapat yang halal.Sekarang mana-mana pun jual mooncake halal.Tapi bila buat sendiri lagi puas hati.

  6. Hi Puan Ros, I thought I popped salah blog. I had to double check it is yours, ha ha.
    This the first time I have read, see a Malay lady, a beautiful one too, ahemmm, making mooncakes!
    WOW! I am impressed. Outstanding!

    I have seen hundreds of blogs with you name the cakes or food, but Puan Ros, I can tell you, your this posting really caught me by surprise and the most interesting too.
    Puan Ros, may I have your kind consent to copy the first picture, and will display it in my pondok when next I'm not blog posting about women or sex, but about food....arhaaaa ha ha.
    And will credit you.

    Boleh ke?
    Okay, I outang you teh tarek lambong tinggi, ya. If under different circumstances, satu bouquet of red roses, ha ha.
    You have a pleasant weekend, simpan satu lagu dalam hati.

    1. Hi Uncle Lee, to be honest, I just wanna be a good wife to my dear hubby. As what people say " way to man's heart is through his stomach"..hahaha......So everyday masak sedap-sedap bagi perut dia makin besar la....
      Bila dia suruh cuba buat mooncake sendiri....I ting-tong-ting-tong with the idea for two weeks.At the end decided to give a try.Not bad huh...still need a lot of practice la of course!!!but looking forward for next year mooncake festival, as I need to make use of that very heavy wooden mold that I bought the other day..hihihi..
      You may copy the picture that you want..are you sure you wanna copy them as there is nothing sexy about those pictures or the story....hahaha.
      Will be looking forward to read your posting abt food.
      Thank you Lee for dropping by and have a nice day.

  7. Replies
    1. Nak habiskan mungbean dan saja nak practise....hihihi

  8. Aslmkum k.Rus. belum pernah buat mooncake....baru tahu resepi dan cara2nya
    rupanya letak telur masin sbg inti....

  9. Puan Ros..nekcik pernah buat agak agak 6 tahun lepas kerana teringin sangat nak makan...lepas tu samapi kini tak pernah buat lagi walaupun anak suruh...teringin nak cuba yang jelly mooncake pun tak terbuat lagi


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